100 Days of SPREY – 51-54

It went so quick- everything! I died and was reborn on digital canvas over the past days. I discovered that I can live and work at my own pace. Like with all things like these – it sounds obvious but is actually hard to live by.

My next blog entry is about why the new comic script for the next chapter of SPREY broke me and why it lead to what you see below.


100 Days of SPREY – 31-37

The past days were very tumultuous. I am very exhausted, just like before my winter break, but restless at the same time. My comic work keeps coming. It is not very fun to create at the moment, but I’m doing my best. And my friends tell me they see an improvement in my art, which is great!

I’m a bit sad I cannot express myself that well today. There would be many little things that pile up from day to day work. Exploring the aesthetics of a great old game, reading a good book, having a little insight on a topic while drawing. These small things are what leads to bigger developments “suddenly” taking place later like a new, overall higher level in the quality of one’s art. But the only thing you can do in times like these is trying to keep up and look forward. If ideas that you didn’t write down get lost after a couple of days, they probably weren’t that great.

sidenote: I originally wanted one of my slashers in scene 2 of Street Prey to carry this weapon but realized kusarigama would not be exactly the most practical weapon for a narrow alley where you can’t swing the chain well.
above: an express page of boots when I designed my first two slashers yesterday night against all odds, paying special attention to the boots to present them in detail shots.

Suddenly I find myself interested in values again. I used to despise them as color’s boring and humorless cousin. Scott Robertson’s “How to Render” bored me to tears as well as value exercises tend to do. But now I like to think of values as means to structure my picture. They do not have to be “right” as in realistic, as long as they add to the readability of my shot or deliberately take away from it to evoke a feeling in the viewer.

Art report 10

Hello, you all! I am back after a little break. A couple of days were needed off for health reasons, the last two or so I took off to research. Although consistency as in showing up every day and doing the work is very very important to us artists, breaks are as important. You need them to process what you learned. And sometimes you need to process even more. I had not only one but a couple of moments where something that I didn’t directly read or otherwise consume *clicked* with me for my art. The next task is to rekindle a sweet balance where I put out enough practise pieces a day while also working on finished pieces and Blendering. It works, it worked before. I am just really more relaxed about it when some days are slower. I finished an illustration today which I cannot share here right now, hopefully the next days then. Everything is fine, sometimes things just take some time. Also it’s still weird to think of the process somewhat disconnected from results, but it works so far!