The Ambition Game

So in the previous blog entry I laid out what is currently holding me back – ambitions running wild and too high expectations. I want to solve this problem of course and adjust my process, but how and where do I even start doing that?

I discovered game dev for me, so let’s play a game! A game of ambition!

Okay, what is an expectation that is definitely too high? Write down an the first random ambition that comes to your mind, no self-censoring, the most random ambitious thing that comes to your mind. Ready? Here goes mine: I want to move the planet from it’s place, just like Superman! The universe of ambition knows no conceivable limit, that is the nature of it. Now it doesn’t make much sense to move earth that way, I will admit it sounds fun though as long as you don’t think about the consequences. What about your ambition? Does thinking about the implications of that make you uncomfortable, too, looking at it from a logical standpoint? That shows to me that wherever ambition is coming from, it is not sitting at the same place as reason. Like a mimic uncovered and hit over the face with a hammer it crawls back into it’s shadowy emotional cradle, for it has been found out.