100 days – 28

What a week!

It seems like it started at a low and then shot through the roof, despite me having less and less time to actually do work. Also congratulations to myself for making 1 and some digits after the comma finished info comics this week. Finished is finished. That put a bit into perspective what I actually can do in a short amount of time…and that I CAN do comics! Mikiko the virtual assistant is a great help to get into things and to keep the focus. For three days my blog itself was a comic without further blogging text! And I think I got a glimpse into an inking style I like.

Please enjoy the compilation pictures. I‘ll do my best to add a lot of stuff to the mix tomorrow.

See you tomorrow!

100 Days – 14

Week 2

The second week is over! Time for a little summary.

I spent this week on getting into drawing environments, searching and practising comic style and the last two days costume designs for Asmund, one of the main characters for a change.

I definitely see things here I wouldn‘t have been able to create in the beginning of the week.

The candlelight series is not included as it was so strong that it got it‘s own social media appearance throughout the week.

The goals for next week are set already, too: accelerating further. Picking a scene, up to now the very first is my favorite, and work it up to finished pages within the week. My friend Kiwi made a great comparison: you can‘t learn to swim forever, you have to actually swim. So that is my jumping into the water then. It might go horribly wrong, work out great or something in between. I‘m excited to share the journey with you!

See you tomorrow!

100 Days – 07

Looking back

Sundays are always a bit tricky. For me it‘s the day of the week where I have least time to create.

So maybe this is the best day to reflect on the past week.

I have prepared this „best of“ including another practise piece from yesterday night:

This week was definitely very good for me and my art!

I have dissected my own artmaking process and started redefining what I‘m doing and why.

Even if I stay with a typical line emphasizing style for Corvus I might be able to do it better from now on. And I might not get discouraged working on my fundamentals anytime soon.

I created more art than i thought I would and feel a bit of momentum building up again.

And I have looked into a new program.

Next week I‘ll try to focus more. I had a choice to make whether to bounce over into a environment design and strengthening my perspective game or finish working with the Alla Prima book. I think I should finish things that I start in order to keep things clean, so I‘ll stay with Alla Prima for now. That doesn‘t mean I don‘t have to develop the environments, Alla Prima gives a lot of opportunities for that, but the focus is one of defining my art goals more. I feel the urge to review all my fundies and to learn more, but one field after another and never more of that than actually doing things for Corvus. It‘s a balancing game.

The adventure continues tomorrow. See you!