May 2021 Animal Studies

This month I took some time out to explore aesthetics of various vermin-looking beautiful and fascinating animals and how to draw them. I focussed on practising a simple digital art workflow to use and replicate for my future day to day work, but I also got curious and learned some more about the respective animals. A lot of great conversations with great people were had, too, and I want to thank everyone who I met on the journey, who enjoyed the art with me and all suggestions that you made and new ideas you gave me.

Art report 14

Day 3 of the Edlin training and I must admit I’m a bit spooked about what an impact working with simple geometry has on my art. I sadly didn’t have much time to deliberately practise today, but I am putting the rediscovered basic forms into everything I draw now. At least I hope so. Also worked through moderndayjames’ Bridgeman x Hampton hybrid head construction method. I couldn’t hold my curiosity. I can’t say I have understood it fully yet, but it definitely is having an impact. Adding not only one but two of my beloved big cubes plus a trapezoid nose to the head is much to my liking.

Preparation work for a commission
Because of popular request – and me having some thumbnails more – more spiders. Implemented critique I received yesterday – so today a focus on less wobbly legs.
Stripes on a suit – a premiere for me.

Art report 13

What a day! Unfortunately, I could not finish everything from my to do list, I just started way too late with my art stuff today. It can happen, so I don’t beat myself up over it, but I want to do better tomorrow.

I designed and built a graveyard including crypt for “Your Land” today!

Arttrade piece for my friend Adam; his OC Lisa, a mischievous apprentice witch.

Second day of working through Tyler Edlin’s environment art for beginners base exercise! I am surprised how much more in control I felt today and how much more natural my control over my forms felt. I would not have dreamt to make scenic compositions today already. If I understood Mr Edlin’s youtube video correctly, scenic stuff is material for week 4, while I should spend my first week just freely exploring the basic geometry. I do this. And I just give in, when I have an idea. I really really like the gains. Theoretical composition knowledge must have been there all along, but only now I am developing the fundie-vessels to literally give it form.

Another big surprise today – apparently I (clearly) prefer cubes and cylinders over spheres. If style is defined by lines, shape and form, I guess this says something about my style. But I don’t know what. So I’ll just draw on and won’t be tempted to slack on spheres.

A new sketch series with spiders and wild linework: