Art report 05

Interesting. It looks like I just a 1-2 days break. I had a bit of a troubled day, not particularly good for drawing, not the mood. What to do? I tricked myself into watching a couple of videos on art fundamentals, values and visual library in particular, which gave me quite some new ideas. And then I forced myself through some daily drawings – and to my surprise it first went okay and then later very well, when I suddenly was overwhelmed by a burning desire to continue sculpt January. I could say I might have developed a Blender habit by now. And it’s becoming clear that I prefer storytelling with staging over just showing off the sculpt. How is this relevant? It could deeply influence or even define all my work and my “style”. But as always, more steps need to be taken, more drawings and models have to be made! Enjoy today’s haul.

On the 2D front I struggled a lot today, but found solace in learning how pulleys work (now I have drawn all the simple machines at least one time, yayyy!) and gesture drawings.