Art report 15

I spent most of the time writing a comic script yesterday. The first interesting observation was that the first time ever I seemed to have no problem writing through a first draft from start to finish. Although I craved this since years, only now is it all coming together so that is even possible. The second interesting observation was observing me while doing the work. In a way telling a story to me feels like drawing, another mode of creation. And in order to follow through with the set priorities, telling the story first and really getting from start to finish with it, I threw “correct” formatting out of the window and mostly didn’t try to give great final words to the dialogues. I need to know the essence of what is said, I can fight with the single words and sentences later on. At least that was my thinking. And it seems to have worked out for me, for this very first draft.

At 9 PM in the evening I sat down to draw then, jokingly, wondering if anything at all was left to put on paper. I was surprised when I could do my dailies within a shorter amount of time then usual. It’s as if I hadn’t missed a thing. Maybe I even had to say/express more than usual. I have no idea what that means for my process, but reading and drawing should be a regular, if not mostly daily part of it.

Corvus, protagonist of my comic script