100 Days of SPREY – 20

Alright! Is a week of 100 days of making Street Prey(SPREY) actually over before I reviewed it and filled in the repord card? No! So here we go.

Overall, I had a really good week. I did everything and beyond but the manul zine. Adaptation is very important and apparently me spending my weekend building up my Twitch was a very good move in that regard. I already connected to a lot of fascinating people and their content this way and accelerated my own growth and speaking skills!

And the zine? Well, after three weeks my official phase 1 for the SPREY challenge is over already. I’m supposed to increase the amount I’m working on SPREY now. The infrastructure and materials for that have landed already, as we have seen in the blogpost before. The mountain is ready to climb, bit by bit. Would it be detrimental to my plans if I kept working at the zine and everything else on the side in small doses instead of hoping to make it in the future or even worse, waiting for a “good” day to do it all at once? Such days unfortunately do not come. You have a sea of average days instead where diverting 10-20 minutes seems to be more realistic. And even that compounds over time.

The magical key seems to be to not work on more than two different things per day with one slot always being Street Prey. My time is precious suddenly or at least more obviously precious. Becoming a pro is a process, not a decision or singular point, I guess.

I‘m looking forward to the upcoming week. See you next blogpost!

100 Days of SPREY – Days 03, 04, 05, 06

It‘d like to think about the past days as an almagamation, where the days do not even have a distinct border between each other. I remember sleeping Friday and basically just spending one and a fourth days awake on Saturday. Also, I didn‘t exactly leave this blog alone in that time, but released another restructuring blog entry. I am very productive, maybe more than I should. Maybe I‘m becoming a lich.

I have to tackle my sleep problems and I‘m confident that I can get a grip on them. I had built up a large pressure inside of me that sometimes keeps me from falling asleep at all. But the factors that lead to this are slowly wearing off again. I‘m changing. My surroundings are changing, too. That might have been a short and intense phase I‘m ready to leave behind me again. Maybe I needed that to learn to appreciate good and reliable sleep and why you must bring your life into enough order so that the anxiety doesn‘t keep you from sleeping.

Also you can try too hard, you can be too tense. I know that first hand now. Today is my first Sunday that I took off as a rest day and I‘m so exhausted that I feel like I will never wake up again when I fall asleep at 6 PM. Maybe this is why I was avoiding breaks in the past – I was avoiding a day and time like now where I have to pay for how relentlessly I have been working.

Have this first week of the challenge as a report card. Green means quota met, yellow means I worked on it but got less done than I wanted to, and red would mean having unfortunately skipped a session at all.

It seems to run smooth so far. I even tried to work some panels up as a puffer to use the puffer time to try doing extra tasks for SPREY like design sheets or more thumbnails for future events. Unfortunately at least for this week that failed. But at least I‘m failing at something other than doing the panels at all. But I have the goal of phase I of the challenge on my mind. Creating the environment for more PREY related work to happen than just drawing a panel a day. Keeping up with that is a struggle sometimes, too, but when I have time to worry about other things that probably is a good sign.

And have the blank here for your personal use – for me that card works out so far. Let me know how it works for you!

See you at the next entry!