100 Days – 11

Refining my style

Cheer with me, I have slept again! Taking it easy today, but still have exciting things to share with you.

Environment studies

After exploring candlelight I‘m going back to gardens, this time looking at two statues that have been partly covered in ivy. When I encountered ivy the last time I wasn‘t really able to catch more of the leaf shapes…or at least not precise at all. This time the linework is complex, maybe including a bit too many details again, but my confidence in this style grows as it‘s QUICK from my understanding and might be even quicker without coloring. It should be interesting to measure those times in detail.

Thinking about proportions

After my frustration with my lack of continuity when drawing my characters yesterday I did the first step towards solving that… thinking about character proportions with a graphic tablet pen in my hand. In a first impulse I thought I should reduce my whole comic to a whimsical 1:4 proportion ratio (measured in head length). I feel this would be my comfort zone, as my LC (the character on the outer left side) is a total comfort drawing character for me. But it just doesn‘t fit Corvus‘s personality, the tone of the comic and overall the grim aesthetics I envision for the comic. I will stick to either 1:6 or 1:7. 1:8, the heroic proportions, do not fit for a typical mage apprentice in my opinion. I really am glad I did this sheet today.

I additionally did some research on how to make character sheets and that is the goal now, to make those sheets and keep to them. But I can‘t pray those sheets into existence in a day, especially as I never did a „proper“ one of those anytime before. And that is okay! I will just keep chipping at it until the sheets give up and let themselves be drawn and presented to you.

See you tomorrow!