SPREY Log #04 – Resistance

It happened again!

SPREY almost tricked me into taking a hiatus, but I guess I’m not a beginner or not that beginner anymore to give in to that. I have this theory that I keep mentioning on this blog, that any long term creative project actually does not want to get made. There must be reasons not all the brilliant ideas people have make it into a finished and released thing. The project will try to make you hate it and not do it at any occasion. Even if you fend off the desire to give up in an important victory, it will just go away for a while and try to trick you into giving up later again.

Maybe this is my way of expressing what Steven Pressfield calls “resistance”, the term for anything between procrastination, arrogance, self-doubt and other afflictions that strangle your artistic expression from within and it’s you doing it to yourself. It’s actually a great way to explain it and also why different creators struggle with different things. Everyone’s personal resistance is different. Mine apparently is that I start hearing the call to give up much too early. But as you see, it doesn’t work as well as it must have worked on me in the past on me anymore.