New arc – Refined

Hello, everyone!

I have a truly gourmet blog entry for you today.

So my blog documents my journey towards “making it” as a professional artist for other upcoming artists. I am self taught and without luck or a network helping me to skip steps. So it doesn’t get more real than this. Self taught artists tend to take longer to make it, as a lack of professional training opens you up to making a lot of avoidable mistakes. On the other hand, if you travel lone paths you might discover rare things that make you stand out later. Maybe you might even be open to have a more intense relationship with yourself, yourself as a creator and with your work, but you can have that on any life path if you seek for it.

I have made a ton of mistakes. I decided to devote my life to art in 2018. The first years of an art career tend to be hard, especially if you bring nothing to the table outside of an unquenchable desire to draw and to tell a set of specific own stories. I was very lucky to have saved up money from my previous job. That kept me afloat while I stumbled from failure to failure. And here comes one of the most important lessons I learned for this blog: I struggle with interior and exterior problems that are unique to me. Everyone struggles. We just don’t struggle with exactly the same things in the same environment, coming from the same circumstances. A universal formula to “make it” therefore isn’t possible, something that works for everyone.

I wondered whether this would mean my blog is pointless, but no, instead it probably can really help you now. What I can do is encourage you to work on yourself and what you struggle with. Get personal. Do the thing you procrastinated on. Do the thing you deep in your heart know you should be doing to achieve your true goals. I can also keep documenting how I overcome the challenges on my path. It could become quite humorous at times, as I have a tendency to be unworldly with some things. But who knows. What if by getting personal with my stuff I can help you feel more comfortable to get personal with yours?

Also, to seal the deal for the future, let me share a terrific truth. You don’t make it by being good at art alone. I am good at art, I know my stuff to slay most creative problems that come my way, but there people out there who are even better than me and still get zero hold of a career. Funny thing – as I’m writing this I’m realizing an information like this has the potential to bring people’s spirits down – oh look, this artist is better than me and even they can’t make it! But I never came to this conclusion. Instead my line of thinking goes: ah look, someone whose training and art game is further advanced than mine. What are we both doing or not doing that keeps us from “success”? But then I’m bad at observing or simply get distracted or forget things, but at least I’m not resentful. And I think, blogging and establishing another system of sensible note taking could combat these problems. I’m not far off with what I’m doing, I’m just not entirely there yet.

And I’ll work on bridging the gap. Be my guest, take a seat and look over my shoulder while we’re looking for ways to cross over.