Art report 07

What a start into a new week! I find myself in a new, very exciting situation of questioning. That happens. And luckily I’m not questioning myself, but rather how I prioritize and manage my activities. By a lucky coincidence I started reading “Atomic Habit” by James Clear today, so hopefully I’ll come to constructive conclusions, soon. The first chapters definitely were eye-opening already. It’s not such a wild mystery anymore why changing one’s way seems pretty hard sometimes – when you have your habits so ingrained in you that you don’t really think about what you are doing and why you are doing it anymore – and new things that run against it seem weird at first.

I try to keep Monday mainly a research day, so that I don’t have to go full stress on the first day already. Sometimes my most awesome experiments of the week happen on this day (second best day for it on Saturday). Today I was all about drawing machinery again and even made my daily guy a certain cyborg.

My curiosity was sparked so hard today that I experimented with my brush settings after making that bus. And yes, I did find better ones after a bit of trial and error to great success! Already looking forward to tomorrow to practise line weight better. I’m full force on my way to a comic style that looks like me. I like that. Let’s keep that trajectory up.