100 Days of SPREY – 26

First of all – it worked!! With the tweaks to my process that I was experimenting about the last days I managed to draw 3 panels instead of one in the same time I usually need for one! There might have been some luck involved, too, but I will keep pushing and keep those panels coming in the „simpler“ style. I decided „dead black“, 100% pure black, is my friend as a beginner and will be using and abusing it until I myself become tired of it and become hungry for more nuance. For Street Prey it‘s absolute fine though, it really fits the tone.

Above: example panel with the modified style

Other than that I have been very disciplined. I streamed like a champ working on new designs for Your Land. I hope to make more progress soon. Apparently designing four humanoid races at once and making sure they don‘t look alike in Minecraftlike graphics is quite complex and requires some time and effort. But I‘m on to it.

I also did my daily drawing exercises. Apparently I got the ratios wrong, though. Several hair studies a day are absolutely no problem while making only one color study but making it with brain and a lot of observation was enough so that I needed a break. It might have also been because of the unfamiliar territory with this master study. Anyways, 5+ hair studies a day and at least one well done color study (well done in the learning process, not necessarily in the result) should be fine, too. I must keep enough energy to draw my daily dose of Street Prey after that!

And time for a little autobiographical note. I ordered a wool „loot box“ that is cheap but does not let you pick the colors yourself and got literally none of the colors I was hoping to get or would have needed the most for my current crochet project. But that will not stop me from finding a use later.

And just because I had two good days in the beginning of the week, I will not let my guard down. I have an ambitious program this week and I want to get through the best I can. I almost expect the overall energy level to drop towards the weekend, but maybe making enough breaks will help me to avoid any extremes.

See you next blogpost!