100 Days of SPREY – 24

Above: Sketchbook piece that does not look like it but stressed tonal value above all else.

As I am just returning from my vacation, there is no report card for this week. The upcoming week looks very promising. I have a difficult stream behind me today and will commit to improving two things this week: making one hair study a day and 3 color studies a day, so next Sunday I should have 7 hair studies and 21 color studies to show for. And to not just study random things I will pick primarily things that I can use for Rich, Willard, other characters or my Street Prey comic in general. If I end up doing less, well then that happened, but I will strive for this ideal. And indeed, if you don‘t commit to things that you can fail at, you fail all the time.

Add my regular comic work to this of course. I need to get the time I need per panel down, I direly need to do so. If I cannot optimize the Frankenstein monster that is my process right now, I might have to chop and make it simpler. And even writing about this gives me ideas already how to do so. Can I achieve a panel that is done in an hour and is pleasant to look at and clean to read? That might open a universe of possibilities. Just imagine I still spend 2-3 hours a day on my comic but only one hour goes into the panel of the day – one full hour or more is free for additional work then that is direly needed to push the quality in the long run.

Oh, I also have a commission in that I will work on this week. Already looking forward to that, too! I get to work with Russian icons art and cats.

This motorcycle ride of art is a wild one. Apparently I have no time to stay in a comfy garage, I‘ll have to tinker on the road, but I wouldn‘t want to be anywhere else.

See you tomorrow!