100 Days – 23

I almost gave up yesterday – but today nothing can stop me.

Hear it from me like I heard it yesterday from a couple of videogame development documentaries: people wanting to give up on their dream project is absolutely normal. Most likely in the middle or shortly before they are done. And that probably is a problem of all creatives working on a long term project, not only game devs. I learned from this that feeling defeated and having a terrible day is alright. I will just have to come back the next day and still work on the thing. Just like today. It is understandable that sometimes it seems like nothing one does has an earthly value or prospects to any success. But still, it has to be done. Something commands it that does not work in the same realm as sound business thoughts. Shout out to my husband for his support in general and especially his emotional support yesterday. I am truly blessed.

Today was rather technical. I started the day with a study of an underwater scenery. The reasoning behind it was that it has absolutely nothing to do with what I‘m supposed to be working on. Also I really liked the athmosphere. And then after getting a quick mood study out of the way I finally understood how to ink.

Doesn‘t mean I‘m good now, but a switch definitely got turned. Now I‘ll have to put in the work to develop it further and refine. I went away from making outlines today. In a way some do still qualify as outlines, but I thought about and remembered Burne Hogarths silhouettes and low key lit forms. I can make as many contour lines as I like but the result most likely will not look finished or as if it has substance. Going in with black shadow shapes on the other hand, giving the drawing mass, and then occasionally create a highlight as a consequence, that‘s what makes a black and white ink piece successful. It doesn‘t have to be hyper realistic. But I like the feeling of it.

I was also surprised that working with Robertson‘s book somehow already trickled in. I was able to construct the woman‘s face like it should be. That‘s something I should explore further, too, probably also making maps of the faces of my characters so that I‘ll be drawing them with constant proportions. But not now! It‘s still getting started in environments phase. Now I‘m equipped with a fun linework style that I could imagine doing a lot in. Let‘s see what tomorrow brings.

See you tomorrow!