100 Days – 08

Going Slow

This week had an unfortunate start. My head is very foggy and I slept most of the day. I would push through that, but do you know the feeling when there is nothing to push? I‘m going to fall asleep again after these lines. I might be reacting unfavorably to an allergy test I took today, coupled with the strongest heat of the year. So while I‘m trying to do something every day, I might not be at my full mental capacity until Friday, when all tests are over.

In the early morning before the test I made these two environment studies following the Alla Prima Path. I do have a style. It currently just doesn‘t support all the shapes I want, but that‘s something I can change. I also really like the new distinction between underdrawing and whatever comes on top (or not). Learning to make better use of what you have in your toolbox already sometimes is better than just seeking out new things to add, although of course you need them.

I also thumbnailed a five panel moment from the Corvus comic and realized why I would feel no desire to paint that out. On the other hand I‘m not sure whether I wasn‘t extremely tired/super out of focus. Maybe I would feel differently with fully powered brain and see ways to make it work. I‘ll look at this again on the weekend.

Depending on my level of brain fog tomorrow you‘ll either see another peaceful environment study, if I‘m doing better maybe even characters. Should I be unable to focus at all like today I will continue the journey on Friday. I would hate that but life happens.

Have a great week!