100 Days of SPREY – Day 07

That one is worth a blog entry. Before and while drawing the panel of the day I felt dissonance. The environments I can draw with reference for my daily studies look so much better than anything that I can currently design myself and put into my comic. But it is enough to get the shots done at all. That is of value as well. I just have been bitten by the ambition bug and would wish to do better. I start having a clue how to get there, but I‘m afraid the path will lead through many many more environments that do not turn out like I would desire they would. I guess I should also use the references I use for the studies more loose, change up angles and try to invent other views. I‘m already inventing different light and color all the time, why not experiment with more? That will train my brain to be more agile with construction (hopefully). We shall see how that turns out!

I‘m also very happy that today saw the release of another blogpost of the restructuring series. Only one to go and one key thing of phase I of this challenge is through! I really can‘t complain! But I always want more.

See you next blogpost!