100 Days – 96

I can’t believe how quick the week is passing! I was so hungry for more studies that I did a whole sheet in one night. Also I caught myself thinking “yeah, I’ve drawn a panel for the day, but this is not enough”. It is. A couple of more complex panels are coming up. The next one is already in work but I would not want to risk missing today’s update window just for this gamble and rush it. Also that dummy simple looking over the shoulder panel took me 3 attempts that nobody will ever see or acknowledge, haha. That is art and the dirty behind the curtains work of it sometimes. All part of the game.

Art report 04

I made a break yesterday and will probably miss out on yesterday’s and today’s sculpt January prompt. I miscalculated my ressources on this, but hey, life is all about constantly adapting and changing plans, right?

On the 2D front there are better news. I moved my digital art stuff to the computer I’m doing my Blender stuff on and rediscovered some old favourite brushes – and started using them immediately. I want to do a lot of digital art in the future, with these brushes, to make my art more consistent. No, that’s not making it boring – that’s a way to give oneself more limitations that make one more creative within those and get good at one specific thing faster! Let’s test out whether it really works this way together!