Art report 12

I decided to give improving my fitness a new try. To my surprise touching my lifestyle at all led to a couple of days of exhaustion and confusion first. But now I’m more determined to keep going in a healthier and more physical active direction. I need and want many years of making art, so I better work on balancing all the sitting hours out a lot!

For drawing, this also meant a new chance. After the confusion washed over me, I went back to the fundamentals with a new appreciation and curiosity. My goal is making comics. Currently I lack any skill to draw backgrounds at all, so I’ll focus on closing the biggest gaps in that this month. I started out with exercises I saw in a Tyler Edlin video, putting some base geometry out there, playing with forms until you are used and comfortable to make non-representative but good looking compositions. I also tried to ignore the fact that sometimes my digital lines even after years of trying to get into digital are wonky as hell, but I can’t fight all battles at the same time.

Even after doing this for two sessions, I can see how this changes my perception already. Wonky or not, some of the compositions would make sense already. I could work with that, build that up. Also I’m wondering what even my process was before, if establishing composition & dynamic line, then forms, then perspective and then adding onto that is so new and fascinating to me. How did I miss this? Or did I just never pay enough attention and instead tried to force something finished out? This might be one of the disadvantages of a self-learner. You sometimes just don’t get the point, sometimes even for a couple of years. But at least I got to be myself all the time, even if sadly, sometimes it’s really hard to envision what oneself is.