Art report 14

Day 3 of the Edlin training and I must admit I’m a bit spooked about what an impact working with simple geometry has on my art. I sadly didn’t have much time to deliberately practise today, but I am putting the rediscovered basic forms into everything I draw now. At least I hope so. Also worked through moderndayjames’ Bridgeman x Hampton hybrid head construction method. I couldn’t hold my curiosity. I can’t say I have understood it fully yet, but it definitely is having an impact. Adding not only one but two of my beloved big cubes plus a trapezoid nose to the head is much to my liking.

Preparation work for a commission
Because of popular request – and me having some thumbnails more – more spiders. Implemented critique I received yesterday – so today a focus on less wobbly legs.
Stripes on a suit – a premiere for me.