100 Days – 99

Only one day to go! I can‘t believe it.

Panel of the day is done and I already am working on the next two. Today I was reminded again about how important it is to make practical choices. Sundays and sometimes even Mondays are notoriously my worst days when it comes to drawing time and vigor. You rarely see it, because I tend to work around them, but I have to be alert and I can make my life easier or harder depending on decisions I make througout the week. Ideally, I get tomorrow‘s panel done today and finish Monday‘s panel tomorrow latest…and have it a panel that doesn‘t require too much work, so ideally no new environment or other big change. But let‘s see how that works out. I would hate to disturb the flow of the scene, OF COURSE a new decision panel is around the corner with a truly unpredictable result, so I can‘t really plan that one ahead. It couldn‘t be any other way, right? But maybe, on the other hand, that would be a great way to celebrate the end of the 100 days of making comics.

On the technical side, today‘s panel painfully reminded me of the rule „Don‘t have shadows in light areas that are as dark as shadows in dark areas“. Plus subsurface scattering. That arm shadow was a great teacher. If it still looks off, it looked much worse before, haha.