Art report 09

A nice and short post today. Compare how the first two pieces are from yesterday, a day, where I really focussed on creating them early in the day. The pieces from today, the second two, look like the build-up to yesterday’s Matthew Kane (Quake 4). I was absolutely tired after spending most of the day researching kinematics and hydraulics for better machines in the future. I see this is a long term investment, but I was not prepared on how tired I would be in the evening from it. It’s okay, just a new cycle in practise and repetitions. Maybe it broke my neck that I gave in to curiosity and peeked over to How to draw clothing folds. Whatevs, at least I’m still moving into the right direction overall. Style suitable for comics, here I come!

On another note, I heard about another thing yesterday that sounds terrifying to a character fixed artist such as myself. Apparently people train environments by dedicating a whole day a week to them. This makes terribly much sense and I know this would be really good for me, too. I can’t learn everything in a day, but I have to start investing.