Hello! I’m Styxcolor, 31, a one person art empire going on her biggest adventure yet. I’m a freelance concept artist & game maker, big storytelling enthusiast and regularly teach art & storytelling fundamentals. I’m enjoying the journey and I’m very grateful for all the people I meet, the excitement and learning on the road.

My publications:
2017: Participating artist in “Zeitlos” Artbook
2018: Guest artist in “Ovum” Volume 3 by Fervorcraft
Participating artist in “Mythen und Legenden” Artbook
Guest artist in “Sister Jack” Volume 1 by Mark Mardon
Participating artist in “LGBT Monster” Zine
Participating artist in “Queer OC” Zine
First experiences in teaching art fundamentals online
2019: Participant in the Bjornament, an online illustration tournament hosted by concept artist Bjorn Hurri
Game Artist for “Sofa Surf”, a local game jam title
Self-published “Lickbook”, a 58 pages anatomy horror themed sketchbook
Cover Art for Eyeshadow 2600 FM’s “Second Chances” Album (Synthwave)
Self-published “Monster Month 2018”, a monster art zine
Teaching 2 storytelling for beginner courses
Game Artist on the voxelgame “Your Land”