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A synthwave horror romance.

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Art report 01

First of all a short update on Sculpt January – it’s coming along nicely. On some days I struggle more, but I’m very happy that I’m pushing through. The stress of having to deliver daily turned out to be beneficial for me. I’m in Blender daily. On some days also watching new tutorials, learning new tricks. My sculpting went from zero, never did that to well…nobody is complaining. But I’m definitely becoming faster with it and also with setting up scenes and building characters for my shots. And this again influences my 2D work (at least I hope so). I will keep an eye on that.

Sculpt January 2020 #11 – Work. My characters LC and Fungal making deliveries.

This blog is still very young, so I have not yet quite figured out how exactly go about things, how often to update, how much materials to show. With very few exceptions I’m drawing daily and having small learning experiences…daily. Finding a weekly “best of” to present it clean to you seems hard (at least from today’s point of view), so let’s discover how we fare with (almost) daily drawing updates.

Today I kind of exploded and drew my way through a magazine with clothes in simple figure drawings. Random paper, a random pink ball-pen and tons of figures. I really think I learned a thing or two about leg posture and gaining mileage, but I’ll know for sure when I repeat the exercise and most important do something with it as in make some finished work. Here today’s haul:

Stats: 235 figures on 6 pages in approx. 3 hours

Hello, world!

Dear readers, welcome to the very first entry in this blog!

Not only is the start of a new year a great opportunity to take up something completely new like a blog, this point in time coincides with the start of #SculptJanuary 2020, a great learning and practising opportunity for an avid Blender user like me.

I could not have planned for this. Two and a half months ago I just was afraid of Blender’s complexity and had the program on my “One Day I will do this” list. But I had heard the bold fairy tales of how 3D can benefit a 2D illustrator in their work a lot, so in the end curiosity won. But what if I hadn’t it in me to handle Blender? Failure is a good friend of mine, but I know that failure is kind of inseparable from future success, so I’m always hoping to learn from his visits.

Blender turned out to be surprisingly addictive, once the simplest things about using the interface had clicked. I grew very fond of the program in a short amount of time and had the boldness to make my first piece for a competition on halloween…after two weeks of learning. I expected nothing and wanted to push myself. And I succeeded! While my piece of course was not winning material, I handed it in on time and nobody told me off or exposed me for the absolute beginner that I was. On the contrary, I received great feedback that helped me to become stronger faster, and a giant boost of self-confidence as well as becoming part of a great community.

I’m taking part in challenges and competitions regularly now. Something like sculpt January is the (almost) logical next step and another great opportunity to push my Blender skills. I have modeled so far… and not sculpted once. Here we go.

And finally, happy new year to all of you! Let’s make 2020 rock.

Sculpt January Day 01 – Spectral