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A synthwave horror romance.

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Art report 10

Hello, you all! I am back after a little break. A couple of days were needed off for health reasons, the last two or so I took off to research. Although consistency as in showing up every day and doing the work is very very important to us artists, breaks are as important. You need them to process what you learned. And sometimes you need to process even more. I had not only one but a couple of moments where something that I didn’t directly read or otherwise consume *clicked* with me for my art. The next task is to rekindle a sweet balance where I put out enough practise pieces a day while also working on finished pieces and Blendering. It works, it worked before. I am just really more relaxed about it when some days are slower. I finished an illustration today which I cannot share here right now, hopefully the next days then. Everything is fine, sometimes things just take some time. Also it’s still weird to think of the process somewhat disconnected from results, but it works so far!

Art report 09

A nice and short post today. Compare how the first two pieces are from yesterday, a day, where I really focussed on creating them early in the day. The pieces from today, the second two, look like the build-up to yesterday’s Matthew Kane (Quake 4). I was absolutely tired after spending most of the day researching kinematics and hydraulics for better machines in the future. I see this is a long term investment, but I was not prepared on how tired I would be in the evening from it. It’s okay, just a new cycle in practise and repetitions. Maybe it broke my neck that I gave in to curiosity and peeked over to How to draw clothing folds. Whatevs, at least I’m still moving into the right direction overall. Style suitable for comics, here I come!

On another note, I heard about another thing yesterday that sounds terrifying to a character fixed artist such as myself. Apparently people train environments by dedicating a whole day a week to them. This makes terribly much sense and I know this would be really good for me, too. I can’t learn everything in a day, but I have to start investing.

Art report 08

I did my dailies today plus some work on a bigger illustration, that’ll be ready during this week. I actually have no idea where the rest of the time went, except for in errands. Not every day can be a stellar 100% day, so I’m just happy I made it through this one and got my dose of daily exercise today.

I love portraits. I had a strange thought today: Hey, isn’t it …bad that I’m allowing myself to draw so many portraits lately? Chilling. I had no idea I was keeping that from myself because it could be too much fun. I hope you don’t have secret beliefs like that hidden away in your heads, better check today and unlearn.

Art report 07

What a start into a new week! I find myself in a new, very exciting situation of questioning. That happens. And luckily I’m not questioning myself, but rather how I prioritize and manage my activities. By a lucky coincidence I started reading “Atomic Habit” by James Clear today, so hopefully I’ll come to constructive conclusions, soon. The first chapters definitely were eye-opening already. It’s not such a wild mystery anymore why changing one’s way seems pretty hard sometimes – when you have your habits so ingrained in you that you don’t really think about what you are doing and why you are doing it anymore – and new things that run against it seem weird at first.

I try to keep Monday mainly a research day, so that I don’t have to go full stress on the first day already. Sometimes my most awesome experiments of the week happen on this day (second best day for it on Saturday). Today I was all about drawing machinery again and even made my daily guy a certain cyborg.

My curiosity was sparked so hard today that I experimented with my brush settings after making that bus. And yes, I did find better ones after a bit of trial and error to great success! Already looking forward to tomorrow to practise line weight better. I’m full force on my way to a comic style that looks like me. I like that. Let’s keep that trajectory up.

Art report 06

What a day! Unfortunately, I had to make a trade-off and have no finished sculpt January piece ready today. After I was repeatedly told my sculpts look soft like butter (and I am aware of this as well), I looked into another tutorial to learn how to make hard edges. I only have a set time per day to work on my sculpts, so unfortunately the extra research and training ate the time up, but I’m confident that I have learned quite something today and already started the next sculpt.
1 – It is okay, if things don’t work out at the first, second, or x-th time. Keep trying and don’t stick with the same mistakes every time.
2- It’s also okay to not deliver daily, when you really have to focus and put the time into a work that will be “the first of”. You haven’t established a routine in that yet, so where should fast speed come from?

On the 2D front I have some really cool things for you today! I decided to spend my 2D part of the day with free experimenting around and finishing some things that were hanging in the air.

A piece for one of my favourite discords, the one where I came into contact with vaporwave & synthwave and am spending a great time with great people since we all went through this phase. This maybe will be the avatar of our custom bot.

Recycling of destroyed Blender topology into 2D concept art:

What is also interesting about the piece was the reception. I really have to think about it. If a classical/historical European look seems so authentic when I’m drawing it, does that mean that is one of my true and not I-wish influences and I should expand on it?

Value exercise with a limited value scale on the bright side. I have a tendency to fill a lot of things up with pure black, so today was the day to go the other way and not set any dramatical shadows. Was an interesting experience! Also Dollface! This is an original character of mine who hopefully will get his own comic and you’ll see for yourself what he is all about. These are not my most successful gestures by the way, but I decided to focus on the values this time. The biggest present this simple practise piece made me was that it inspired me to expand and draw Dollface without mask. This is probably the nearest thing to a comic panel I’ve ever drawn. Good progress! The direction is right, I just have to be patient and work on.