We reached a milestone in the Street Prey Webcomic! We’re in the middle of the first action scene and the first character just died. Why are these milestones? I am not talking about making action comics and telling my stories anymore – I’m doing it! I’m legit now. And I quickly realized that the first properly written and drawn out action scene is never good. It almost cannot be. I will have to underwhelm and overwhelm the audience and myself at several occassions and only over time get a feeling for how much is the right amount. Street Prey is a grateful first, as it allows for a spectrum of bizarre exaggerations but does not completely fly out the window into pure fantasy in the end. Let’s see how things turn out!

Other than that I have been scrambling to practise on and learn daily, when possible, while also keeping up with other responsibilities. I don’t have my perfect schedule down yet, but I’m working on it and that’s sometimes the only thing you can do.

I am appalled that I didn’t stream for most of January. I had some incredibly bleak days where I had no energy for it…and that just drives the point back that with all twisting and turning I am still an introvert. I will attack streaming again as soon as possible.

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