100 Days of SPREY – 29

What a day!

I decided to finally tackle a couple of writing tasks today in one chunk. To my own surprise it actually worked out, although there’s at least 2-3 sessions lurking for tomorrow and the days after. And an interesting insight occured to me as I was developing a script for an anthology comic. Actually, if you look at anthologies, manga series or movie franchises…they do not go in having planned a ridiculous number of instalments or epic story already. They test the water with short stories, brief, poignant, cutting to the action, or ONE movie. And if the people bite, then there is more of it. If they do not bite, then you try it later again or know you can abandon that idea and it stays at this ONE instalment. I am someone who is at a complex story with many players fast. That is not the worst skill, building your scope like a spider weaving a net, naturally and without much hassle, but this is not a skill that starts things. You start things if you can convey a brilliant or at least passable and well entertaining story in 8 comic pages, a short short-story, a music video length of animation. After having finished and published many of those, you will naturally have more of the stamina to tackle a thing like a feature length movie or a comic comparable to that. And that is still not something like a twelve book series. That is actually a painful thing to think about. You love your characters and their stories enough to fill those twelve volumes. And nobody can stop you from filling those. But did you ever stop and consider that nobody might care for them and never read past the first 8 pages? They might never make it. There might not be the substance to actually fill out those twelve books. So maybe do not plan for them. Maybe be more modest and go for one book or even just one or two short stories. What’s in your head, heart and notes nobody can take away from you, but it is not and does not have to be what the audience sees. So apparently I’m a beginner at something again.

And now for the daily art. Note: I started writing down some lore for Street Prey and making more thumbnails in advance for the current scene in addition to the daily comic panel. That was long needed and it feels very good to tackle it.

Color study of another screengrab from “Silent Night Deadly Night” (1984)

Returning to regular hair studies with a couple of lovely ladies today.

Quick commission that was a lot of fun and also had quite the memorable topic.

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