Panel 3 needed 2 attempts, too, but I’m one step closer to being back in my daily schedule. I already started panel 4 with the reject I didn’t take for this one. Let’s see whether I can use it.

And to this one – today was another first. The first time I had to add a second shot to an existing one and repose and recolor an equally sized figure in 2D… and I did an okay job. Not entirely happy with it, but not so far away that it insults my eye. And I have the suspicion there are still many firsts ahead.

Today I’m also not hopelessly tired from drawing, so I will work on something different after a break. The passing of time does not make me love this webcomic less. It seems like I love it more every day. Sometimes I’m not content with what I’m doing, but I’m so living for telling the story. I think beginner me was afraid it would become boring working on the same thing every day for months or probably years…but at least so far it’s only gotten more exciting. Or this project is just the right project for me.

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