100 Days – 81

Today is a special day! I just finished drawing the last panel of chapter 1 of my webcomic! That means, that I have redeemed myself as a creator. I struggled so hard with the 100 days of making comics challenge. Showing up daily was no problem, but I must admit I got nervous after not having to show anything of substance after the first month, despite best efforts. But now I got something in my hand that proves that I can do comics at all.

I gave the scene the ending I wanted it to have, although the moment I’m reading it again I’m doubting it is the strongest or best ending a scene ever got. But I guess this is a problem of the advanced comic creator. When I struggle with basic things such as perspective, consistency in drawing, light and color, and actually finishing a scene, actually finishing it has a higher priority than getting it super correct. It takes time and practise to identify and rectify the problems, one at a time.

I am surprised that my skills are much weaker than I always thought. At the same time I’m not even bothered by it, I will do my best to get better. That must be one of those artist paradoxons – I could not preemptively git gud before I witnessed and felt my shortcomings in doing ACTUAL comic work.
But who likes to inevitably do bad work first? Well, I’m owning everything I did wrong in this chapter. Everything was an important lesson for the future! Sometimes I felt like I will never be able to solve certain problems in my art, but that is not true. It just takes more time and patience than researching about it for one day and draw some exercise pieces.

Today I am very glad I have reached this milestone in my comic work and I’m grateful I have tackled the 100 days of making comics challenge. I recommend the challenge to anyone who is wondering whether they want to get into comics or not. See you tomorrow!

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