100 Days – 80

I had quite some panels in my hands today and feel like I want to do more later, IF I get the new manul piece done in time. But I really struggle with my new “no rush” policy. I appreciate the new options it gives me, but at the same time I’m full of fear.

My anxiety spikes whenever I think about the possibility of a day when nothing gets finished and no presentable wips are there, not even for this blog… might sound strange, but it is as if I had done nothing that day. But that way of thinking is not very wise. Most things that are worthwile just don’t get done in a single day. It’s not how that works.

I have used the timeslot for gesture drawing today to finally make the knife play animation I wanted to do since a while. It was exhausting and took forever while of course getting a beginner outcome. But that’s how it always is. I’m a comic beginner as well, so I’m used to that already. And apparently this blog can display videos but not gifs. Good to know! I’ll show you future animations in a different format then. Just know a first one was done today.

By the way – animating impressed me so much that it had a direct effect on the comic work today. Redrawing a panel or two or changing things didn’t seem hard at all. I guess all resistance was spent already on hours creating a roughly 1 second loop of a guy giggling and playing with a knife.

Wish me luck with the manul. Rock on! We can do this! All of it! See you tomorrow.

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