Above: rough thumbnails for the next scene – having a written script is one thing, but already thumbnailing ahead is great to spot places where you otherwise might make too many panels on one thing! (excerpt)

3 Comments to “100 Days – 60”

  1. Evan

    I went through a similar thought process on focusing on my strengths, and even realizing what those were. Its made me fall in love with drawing again.

    1. Styxcolor Author

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!
      I’m curious – did you have to change much after that or did things rather fall into place?
      Definitely feeling the falling in love with art even more than before!

  2. Evan

    A lot has fallen into place, but I also had to make some changes… Its definitely given me direction and focus, art wise. I feel closer to the holy grail of having to think less about the art, and able to give my full attention to the storytelling. Im not there yet though 🙂


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