100 Days – 22

Ah, an unsuccessful writing and concepts day.

Nobody said I have to feel great while creating. Creating things does cause some pain. Giving birth hurts. Yet I‘m doubting it should be the absolute struggle and agony that it has been, constantly. When I look back on some pieces, they are okay, some I even like myself. But they probably aren‘t worth THAT amount of pain.

The good news is that I love creating. I still love making art and telling stories. So that‘s good, I will not stop. But there must be ways to make it a bit more bearable. I do not need more finished things because I live for the results only, I need them to gather experience. I‘m not expecting to do only one project and get world famous for it, I would rather like to get the stories out that I want to tell. Many of them and in a quality that gets better over time.

One of the biggest obstacles on my way is my inability to imagine and draw any decent environments around my characters. I‘m already working on it. So maybe solving this problem actually is the next step on the path forward despite not creating a certain thing right now. Could I even? I cannot imagine perspective.

Today I made my sketchbook suffer and my notepad for writing, too. And as on some unfortunate days, nothing of it is anything to show around. Doesn‘t matter, the next day I‘ll be sitting there again and working. Blocks do give up if you come back and contine working.

See you tomorrow!

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