100 Days – 14

Week 2

The second week is over! Time for a little summary.

I spent this week on getting into drawing environments, searching and practising comic style and the last two days costume designs for Asmund, one of the main characters for a change.

I definitely see things here I wouldn‘t have been able to create in the beginning of the week.

The candlelight series is not included as it was so strong that it got it‘s own social media appearance throughout the week.

The goals for next week are set already, too: accelerating further. Picking a scene, up to now the very first is my favorite, and work it up to finished pages within the week. My friend Kiwi made a great comparison: you can‘t learn to swim forever, you have to actually swim. So that is my jumping into the water then. It might go horribly wrong, work out great or something in between. I‘m excited to share the journey with you!

See you tomorrow!

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