100 Days – 12


Today I didn‘t tackle only one but two difficult tasks.

I started the session with a master study of a painting by Daniel Gerhartz, done in a group. I focussed on measuring everything …and the skirt. The measuring helped a ton, the drawing really does kill or elevate the painting on top. And while I wouldn‘t exactly call the skirt a success, I came into contact with the world of reflective materials that lie in folds here…in other words silk, I think. And I need silk.

Then I spent the rest of my drawing time in exploring fashion land, more specifically Byzantinian fashion. I avoided mindlessly copying reference pictures by deliberately turning everything I saw around into a ¾ view. That forced me to think about every layer of clothing I saw and how to translate it.

What does this have to do with my comic?

Corvus takes place in a medieval world. The costumes I came up with until now are rather generic. So I thought I‘d seek out something that is not exactly in my comfort zone. I am used to looking at French and German medieval fashion, but Byzantinia? Not so much. And while I was exploring my fascination grew. Some elements of the dresses are vaguely familiar and yet still something new. I would have loved to turn over to men‘s fashion this same day, too. I see potential for interesting mage robes there.

But unfortunately after this I was already tired and the quality of the following dresses visibly dropped. I‘m making a break and turning to different tasks. Later this evening I might pick up the pen for some relaxing free drawing, otherwise mage robes tomorrow. Trying to be patient and chipping away at tasks. It‘s coming together! Soon it hopefully all comes together!

See you tomorrow!

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