100 Days – 09

Going fast

I‘m not feeling well, but to my own surprise I was quite active today. And not only that, I think I have made tangible progress.

I started off with environments. After warming up with these first two I remembered the shocking revelation from yesterday.

I heard myself thinking that I wasn‘t willing to even paint five panels. My interesting new painting experience helped me understand the fundies better but wouldn‘t serve the comic itself. So I bounced back to my more lineful „usual“ style. It now feels more informed through what I found out since the challenge began. And I thought I was going pretty quick without rushing. Yes, I could imagine Corvus in this style.

When my drawing can‘t hide because of a simple rendering on top, I have to really deliver on that.

There’s some work to do on this front.

I discovered I‘m pretty bad or let‘s say inexperienced at measuring, thus occasional proportion and angle problems. And my lines could be cleaner, even if I prefer indicating lighting with strong shadows over heavy lines. But that‘s no reason to postpone anything.

The next steps still seem a bit foggy, or maybe that still is my brain. First act. Lists of characters, environments and important props to design. Storyboard. We‘ll get there.

See you tomorrow!

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