100 Days – 07

Looking back

Sundays are always a bit tricky. For me it‘s the day of the week where I have least time to create.

So maybe this is the best day to reflect on the past week.

I have prepared this „best of“ including another practise piece from yesterday night:

This week was definitely very good for me and my art!

I have dissected my own artmaking process and started redefining what I‘m doing and why.

Even if I stay with a typical line emphasizing style for Corvus I might be able to do it better from now on. And I might not get discouraged working on my fundamentals anytime soon.

I created more art than i thought I would and feel a bit of momentum building up again.

And I have looked into a new program.

Next week I‘ll try to focus more. I had a choice to make whether to bounce over into a environment design and strengthening my perspective game or finish working with the Alla Prima book. I think I should finish things that I start in order to keep things clean, so I‘ll stay with Alla Prima for now. That doesn‘t mean I don‘t have to develop the environments, Alla Prima gives a lot of opportunities for that, but the focus is one of defining my art goals more. I feel the urge to review all my fundies and to learn more, but one field after another and never more of that than actually doing things for Corvus. It‘s a balancing game.

The adventure continues tomorrow. See you!

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