100 Days – 02


When I first tried to write this blog post, I gave you a lecture about story structure and an analysis, what was wrong with my process so far. I figured it out now. On the second try, I left this world and wrote an autobiography facing my perceived lack of identity, life regrets and echoes of the past. I figured it out now. I would be inclined to complain to myself – this is not really helping the comic I‘m making! But oh yes, it is. Maybe this brings me in a position to be able to create it at all. Apparently an invisible millstone held me down all the time, in my head.

I‘m the second day into the challenge, and I‘ve felt so many feelings, learned so much about my inner life that I wasn‘t even admitting to myself. Of course I have no identity when I don‘t admit it to myself and never show it to you. So my 100 days of making comics journey is more of a life journey, I get it now. And maybe this is a catalyst for a future with a better version of me. But now I‘m exhausted. There is only so much of development a human brain can take in a day it seems.

The only thing I‘m still slightly nervous about is that it‘s day 2 and I still don‘t have cool fresh art to show you (that tells a lot about my expectations and my way of working until now). And again, I must remind myself to be patient. If I have learned one thing is that you do not force it. You do not.

Tomorrow we‘ll take a closer look at my comic project „Corvus“. We‘ll be spending some time with it!

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