Art report 27

Hello, I’m back! The past weeks were a little bit more chaotic than usual. Some changes took place and while the Manul Project kept rolling, I took the time to reevaluate how I work and what I’m working towards.

The funny thing is, no matter what I have decided, you wouldn’t see the differences immediately in my art. It is a long process that takes weeks to transform something, but it is absolutely worth it. I invite you to travel along, let’s continue where we stopped.

I can’t let you go without a final joke. As I was experimenting around wildly how to approach art and what do do now, I decided to go offline for two weeks and to avoid videogames, music and other addictive activities, too. I did expect to suddenly do a lot more chores in the house (and that happened), but I also hoped I would become more productive in art. I did work through a vast part of Framed Ink in that time. But to my own surprise I read and wrote even more and had some bombshell revelations about how to make a story work and get them told better in the future. By now I can say, without a doubt, that my home truly is storytelling. I have written more than ever and finished two things, now it’s time to work them out further.

After careful consideration I’m also resuming my habit of ending my posts with a “daily dude”. Let me introduce you to Corvus, protagonist of a comic of the same name that I’m working on since a couple of weeks. I’m already further ahead in the process than with any comic project before. Let’s see how that one goes! I will at least fail at completely different things than usual should I still fail. And that is another step towards something in the future that is not a failure. It’s all in the process.

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