Lessons from the One Week Portrait Challenge 02 – Shapes Demonstration

After spending some time with them, I am convinced that shapes are the fabric of magic in art. After consulting Burne Hogarth’s “Dynamic Light and Shade”again, let’s create some magic together.

01 – The picture plane is the first shape to think about.

02 – Would be a shame if someone randomly cut it apart into shapes…oh…

03 – Rearranging shapes by the power of distortion, imagination and the big-medium-small design rule.

04 – Honoring Hogarth with a jungle theme. The plants are basically drawing themselves just by playing with the silhouettes of the things that should be there. Your eye fully tricks you.

05 – Inversion

06 – Forcing more details and perspective on you without actually drawing or rendering that terribly much.

Conclusion: In order to see something we need contrast. So the simplest thing you can work with is black and white clashing against each other. With a couple of simple shapes you can trick your brain into interpreting them as lush scenery and whatnot already. And we haven’t even started working with color yet! This was really a fascinating experiment. I would recommend you to play with cutting a canvas, too. What can you come up with?

And does the same work for portraits?

Absolutely yes! I haven’t really drawn a thing, just created shapes. Even the faint rim light on the right…is just a shape/creating shapes. Practising that it dawned on me -again- why artist keep telling each other that you do not draw a man, a tree or a certain thing, you are wrestling with shapes in art.

And finishing up the curve back to yesterday. Here I created a rare chart what measurement can do for you. If you mess up the base shape in no way will you arrive at where you want to be. So the boring stuff is your friend, at least if you want to create likeness or have to stay in character working with a character sheet.

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