Art report 26

While I’ll be continuing my projects that are already running, starting tomorrow, I have also started overhauling my portfolio. For a change, I feel awesome working on it. Gone are the doubts. If it’s not good enough right now, may it be so, I’ll just keep making art until I pass that invisible and really fickle threshhold where people start hiring you regularly…and then I’ll be making more art.

I only had a short session available for art today…and I feel like I made the best of it, possibly could even get more out of it. It also seems like the portfolio pieces I did yesterday directly influenced my linework today. I sat back and thought about my process, the outcome and all the decisions. Then I made that unspectacular colored piece in the middle of this overview, tweaking a thing. Then came the Chimera piece. I felt an insatiable desire to draw this. I wanted to explore and feel every single line here. I’m aware it’s quite …abstract right now. The meaning will come, the messaging will come. Right now this artist is learning how to feel and express properly at all. I can build the rest on that.

If everything works out as planned, the upcoming week will see some very interesting art and writing happen. I’ll keep you updated! If I can manage to uphold my motivation and results over weeks there might come the time where I can give you my own advice on all of that.

work in progress of a redraw & expansion of an older piece

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