Art report 02

Update from #SculptJanuary : while I still don’t have looked into as many tutorials as I would wish I had time for, I think I’m improving in little steps. For the Nachtgiger piece I’ve created teeth, a tongue, different body parts, and a clumsy first cape (first piece of sculpted clothes, yay!) and took the time to do some preliminary work in 2D.

As for my 2D art – it saw some very interesting updates today. I’m setting up an art school discord where I’ll share all the knowledge I collected and am collecting about art from day to day as well as the courses I personally held such as storytelling 101. I also set up a new workstation for my digital art to do it on the same machine as my Blender work in the future.

Speaking of teaching, I launched Ultimate Cyborg Phase II – Machine Drawing Basics today. It’s a four week course to introduce interested artists in how to draw machines. Also this course is completely independent from the two other phases of UC (I should expand about UC, but another time). I feel like the experience from having held an 8 week storytelling course recently is really pouring into that. I think that this time around setting up a curriculum was a bit easier. Let’s see how it goes this time. As always I’m leading by example and will do all the studies I require from my students, too. We all need the experience of this course.

As final eye candy: study of a male head from my sketchbook. From time to time I need to test whether I can still do realism with all the stylized work I’m doing.

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