An unforgettable interactive comic experience that has started out as a drawing exercise on a discord. Romance, horror, action, I, Styxcolor, got your back. But your choices are what will lead the night into a victory of love or an absolute disaster.

While chapter 1 has been drawn on physical post-its with colored pencils I’m currently switching to digital for chapter 2. Is this the next level or a recipe for disaster? Let’s find out together!

Update speed

I usually update one panel a day. Rarely, I post an illustration or other placeholder instead.

How to vote

From time to time the story presents a choice to make. A window with at least two options will show up. Voting is on Instagram (my handle: Styxcolor) and a couple of selected discords I’m sharing the comic on. The votes are open until shortly before the next panel the following day. Make sure to make your voice heard so that the characters make the pick you think is best!

I publish the voting statistics the next day as well.

Chapter One

Bonus Materials

Chapter Two