My first webcomic that grows and changes as I do as a creator. It is a horror romance set in a slightly dystopian cyberpunk future, heavily inspired by synthwave music. The lovers are in a complicated, forbidden romance – and they either find a way to adapt to the changes in their life or they both perish, one way or the other.

Update speed

I usually update one panel(now: one page) a day. Rarely, I post an illustration or other placeholder instead.
After finishing a chapter I take 1 week off.

Blessings from the past

SPREY started out as an interactive comic on post-its, therefore there was a need for an interface and also a different panel orientation. It has since shed that and turned into a linear, more traditional comic. The choices the readers made hold up though and are canon(!) – therefore they influence the progression of the story.

Chapter One

Bonus Materials

Chapter Two

Bonus Materials II

Chapter Three